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1937 Brass Threepence - Reverse

Thrift plant of reverse of 1937 nickel-brass threepence. This was the first year of issue of this new coin, which had a 12 sided edge (for the pedantic the coin has 14 sides). It was larger, thicker, heavier, and easier to handle than the old silver threepence, which was phased out by 1944. The dodecagonal brass threepence was produced until 1967, after which production stopped ahead of decimalisation in the United Kingdom. To be exact, there was a "freeze" on the dates shown on circulation…

United Kingdom - Penny c895-920AD, Viking Kingdom of York, Under Cnut - Silver

c895-920AD Obverse: +CVNNETI, small cross pattee Reverse: + CRTEN, patriarchal cross Ref: S993, N500 20mm, 1.02g Prov: Spink, UK Please see pictures for grade and condition which is considered VF with a wonderful rainbow tone, chips missing. Dispatch by registered mail.

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1936 | George V Threepence | Silver | Coins | KM Coins

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1946 | George VI Threepence 'Key Date' | Nickel-Brass | Coins | KM Coins

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Great Britain - Halfcrown 1717 TIRTIO - George I - silver

Struck during the reign of king George I (1714-1727). Weight 14,84gr., Ø 33mm. Attractive patina. Rare. ref. KM# 540.1 ; Spink 3642. See images for a proper impression of this lot

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1946 | George VI Threepence | Nickel-Brass | Coins | KM Coins

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(1 Coin)Very Rare1971 NEW PENCE 2p British Coin First Release

1971 2 NEW PENCE British Coin FIRST RELEASE.

1859 Queen Victoria Gothic Florin

1859 Queen Victoria Gothic Florin .925 silver Spink 3891 ESC 81 Light toning over full lustre Unc or near so

1899 Shilling Victoria Queen Great Britain Silver British Coin

Obverse: Queen Victoria veiled head left Obverse legend: “VICTORIA•DEI•GRA• •BRITT•REGINA•FID•DEF • IND•IMP• T.B. Engraver: Thomas Brock Reverse: Crowned arms with flowers between all within Garter, denomination above, date below Reverse legend: “ONE SCHILLING • 1899 ••HONI•SO QVI• V• PENSE•” Engraver: Edward Poynter Edge: reeded Denomination: one shilling Country: Great Britain Ruler: Queen Victoria Year: 1899 Mintage: 10,965,000 Metal: silver (0.9250) Weight ± 5.39 g Diameter ± 23.5 mm…

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1908 | Edward VII Farthing | Bronze | Coins | KM Coins

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United Kingdom - 1, 2, 3 and 4 Pence 1689 (Maundy Money) William & Mary (4 pieces) - silver

United Kingdom, Maundy Set, 1689, struck under William & Mary With rare error 1d, Various Grades Full set of 1689 4,3,2,& 1d coins. The 1d in particular is very special as it not only has the rarer 'continuous legend over bust' it also has the GVIELMVS error. Coins only. Reference: S3446 Coins are VF to EF condition

Great Britain - Florín (Two Shillings) 1853 Victoria - Silver

Great Britain - Florín (Two Shillings) 1853 Victoria - Silver in British Coins > Victoria Coins (1837-1901)

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1896 | Victoria Threepence | Silver | Coins | KM Coins

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Great Britain, England - 1 Shilling 1663 - Charles II - silver

1663 Charles II silver shilling first bust die axis as usual Ref: Spink 3371 See images for a proper impression of this lot.

1862 Queen Victoria Bun Head Halfpenny, UNC

1862 Queen Victoria Bun Head Halfpenny Spink 3956 Freeman 289, dies 7 + G, R4 Scarce Lustrous UNC

A short history of British coins

The new £1 coin, which the government claims will be the most secure coin in circulation in the world. The 12-sided two-coloured design has the same shape as the old thruppence piece – or ‘threepenny bit’ – scrapped in 1971