Facepainting 2017

Collection by Iron Wise


I got the first touch of the world of bodypainting in 2013, when I went first to the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria. This passion has been with me since then. For me, facepainting means the projection of the hidden side of the personality, in other words, the opportunity for a transformation or metamorphosis. The opportunity that we can become anybody.

Iron Wise

SN Artography 2017

SN Artography 2017 retrospective!



Pennywise, the dancing clown is one of my favourite characters. I loved it's story in Stephen King's It, and this year's movie was absolutely perfect. Pennywise is not just a clown-costumed guy for me; it has no gender, anyway. It symbolizes my deepest f…

Created Nature

This years theme was: UTOPIA With my artwork I would like to show you an utopistic world in which nature has died (due to human activity) and instead, there exists a man-created, dead nature. My concept was to show the coexistence of the 'old real' and t…

Doctor Poison

MakeUp Arts (MUA),Painting,Art Direction


The character of Joker - in my style!

Snow White

Who is Snow White? In the original fairy tale she is the most beautiful girl in the World, with her snow-white skin, rose red lips and dark hair. On the other side she's got really tragic destiny. Although she was just 13 years old (youngest little prince…