Disco by Péter Károly Goldmark

Recycled vinyl record crafts can be a lot of fun to make. Visit HowStuffWorks to learn all about making recycled vinyl record crafts.

Autobus articolato by László Rózsa, Gábor Lassú e Béla Színi

Az első magyar csuklós-busz / Folytatáshoz kattints a posztra

Elicottero by Oszkár Asboth

Early Hiller or Hiller Raven was a three-place, light observation helicopter based on the Hiller Model The Model 360 was designated by the company as the (“UH” for United Helicopters), which was first flown in

Acqua di soda by Ányos Jedlik

Soda - invented by Ányos Jedlik

Fiammifero silenzioso by Jànos Irinyi

Fiammifero silenzioso by Jànos Irinyi

Cinepresa by József Mihályi

Many casual cinema-goers can name their favorite actors, actresses or directors, but not many outside of the industry have a favorite editor. I've often wondere

Biro by Laszló Bíró

Biro by Laszló Bíró