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a wooden deck with raised planters on it and an outside dining area in the background
11 Cool DIY Deck Add-On Ideas
a deck with steps leading up to it and potted plants on the other side
East Port Hide out - Picture 1520 |
a dog is standing in the middle of a yard with flowers and plants around it
Images By Yaneira Romero On Ideas Creativas 8B8
dried mushrooms in a bowl next to a bag
Rocky Bottom Mushrooms
Dried Pearl Oyster Mushrooms ~ 4 ounce bags
the color scheme is green and has moss growing on it
Color: Moss Tones by Design Seeds - light beige, medium beige, brown, moss green, medium green, melon green.
a white dresser with a gray cushion sitting on it's top shelf and bottom drawer
A dresser turned into a bench, the bottom drawers could store loose shoes, this would be wonderful in a mud room...also I guaranty someone more DIY savy than I could make one from a couple thrift store/ garage sale purchases.(Dresser Turned Bench. $265.00, via Etsy. )
an old bench is sitting on the floor
Southern Revivals: From a Chest of Drawers to a Drawer Ottoman A Drawer Revival
an upholstered bench with red and white fabric on the seat is sitting in front of some bushes
Repurpose single dresser drawer into ottoman!
an ironing board is hanging on the wall in front of a door with hooks
Make storing ironing boards less awkward:
What a great idea! two robe hooks make an easy way to hang an ironing board for home organizing
a living room filled with furniture and pictures on the wall
Accent Wall Ideas | Decoration Ideas Network
Accent Wall Ideas
an image of a bed frame made out of pallets and wooden crates with drawers
26 Ways to Use Pallets to Create Some of the Most Chic Furniture in the Market
So.nice for toy storage under stetson's bed
a black cabinet with three wicker baskets on top and a blue wall in the background
Hidden trash can/island with storage
the microwave is built into the wall above the stove and over the oven, so it can be used as a shelf for books
My version of kitchen accent shelf
a book shelf with books and a pitcher on it's top, next to a microwave oven
Close up. Not as cheerful as white version but I like it:)