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So, maybe if I let my hair grow out a few more weeks. Lily Collins

Lily Collins: There's Always Room to Share Your Journey!: Photo Lily Collins runs some errands at her local Target to grab some necessities on Sunday (April in Los Angeles.

Wild looking yet contained. Sometimes things look good in their more natural state....unclipped and un rimmed.

Moss covered paths lined with flowering ground cover, ferns, and hosta. This landscaped courtyard has room for patio furniture and a fountain.

This is the walkway that I've been working on for months. Pardon me... That was the dream I had I last night! My garden is waaaaaay better (if you're into dead stuff).

Backyard Inspiration - Ideas for Garden Lovers! I love the pebbled steps! They can curve around and lead you to a secretive place around the home or maybe a small nod around your yard to another bird bath, bird feeder or a beautiful spray of flowers

Wonderful mix of material for garden path.

Wonderful mix of material for garden path. Cobblestone sectioned between random pattern of bricks (reclaimed bricks offer a softer mellow tone of age along with irregular edges) and plantings of different types of thyme. Bordered with bricks as well.