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The Difference Between a Kayak and a Canoe
Kayaking and canoeing are both thrilling water activities. They look similar, and both require a paddle. However, they're not the same. Discover how different they are here! And if you ever want to try kayaks, visit Island Marine Rentals. #Canoeing #Kayaking #Paddlesports
7 Enjoyable Kayak Games You Can Try On Your Next Vacation
Watch the video or read here: https://islandmarinerentals.com/7-enjoyable-kayak-games-you-can-try-on-your-next-vacation/
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6 Tips For Family Kayaking Holidays
Kayaking during the holidays is a great activity. There are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure everyone has a great time. Island Marine Rentals has you covered; here's a one-stop guide about kayaking during the holidays for you. #KayakingTips #TandemKayaking #HolidayKayaking
two people kayaking in the ocean with text that reads, 7 enjoyable kayak games you can try on your next vacation
7 Enjoyable Kayak Games You Can Try On Your Next Vacation
It's not a secret that kayaking itself is already enjoyable. However, no rule says you can't add a twist to it. We've written down fun kayak games for kids and adults alike. Click here for more! #KayakGames #GamesToPlayWhileKayaking #FunKayakingGames #KayakGamesForKids
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Basic Safety Tips for Kayaking
Kayaking is becoming a popular waterborne activity. That said, it's important to learn basic safety tips while kayaking; having fun is a priority, safety more so. Always remember, water can be unpredictable. Learn more about kayaking safety tips and equipment here. #KayakingSafetyTips #BeSafe #WaterActivity
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What to Bring Kayaking?
When you go to the grocery, you have a checklist with you so you will remember to buy everything. It will save you from the nuisance of going back and forth to the supermarket. The same goes for when you are going on a vacation. We’ve listed all the things to bring on a kayak trip. Learn more here! #WhatToBringKayaking #WhatToTakeKayaking #KayakingChecklist #KayakGearList
What to Bring Kayaking?
Watch the video or read here: https://islandmarinerentals.com/what-to-bring-kayaking/
Seize the Day!
Explore a whole new level of adventure with our ocean kayaks. These simple, easy-to-use kayaks are amazing! Make your reservation today. #PerceptionKayaks #KayakRentals #KayakAdventures #RentAKayak
a person in a kayak with the words everything you need to know about choosing a kayak paddle
Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Kayak Paddle
Everyone wants to have a great time on vacation. If you or your loved ones are planning to rent a kayak, it's important to know the different kayak paddles available so you can choose the perfect one for you. We’ve listed the basics that you should know about! #ChoosingAKayakPaddle #HowToChooseAKayakPaddle #ChoosingKayakPaddleLength #RentAKayak
Kayak Games!
Imagine being under the sun with your loved ones while kayaking. It’s already fun. What if we tell you that you can level up the entertainment with some kayak games? That’s right! We’ve gathered a list of games for you and your family to have a blast! https://islandmarinerentals.com/7-enjoyable-kayak-games-you-can-try-on-your-next-vacation/ #IndianShores #Kayaks #KayakRentals #Challenge #KayakAdvenures #KayakGames
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6 Tips for Kayaking With Your Dog
No dog enjoys being left alone at home — especially when you leave for the beach without them. If you'd like to go paddleboarding with your four-legged friend, here are six of the most essential tips and guidelines to keep in mind when riding the waves together atop a paddleboard. This is the one time a wet dog is a good one. #PaddleboardingGuide #PetOverboard #WetDog
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Surprising Health Benefits of Kayaking
It’s great to experience new adventures once in a while. If you haven’t tried to go kayaking, maybe it’s time that you give it a spin. If you are wondering, “Is kayaking good for you?”, then you are in for a treat! Learn about the mental health benefits of kayaking and more! #HealtBenefitsOfKayaking #PhysicalBenefitsOfKayaking #MentalHealthBenefitsOfKayaking
Surprising Health Benefits of Kayaking
Watch the video or read here: https://islandmarinerentals.com/surprising-health-benefits-of-kayaking/
Kayaking Safety
Whether you are a first-timer or a long-time and experienced kayaker, your safety should be the top priority! Here are some kayaking tips to help you experience safer and more enjoyable kayak adventures: https://islandmarinerentals.com/safety-tips-for-kayaking/ #IslandMarineRentals #IndianShores #Kayaks #KayakRentals #Challenge #KayakAdvenures
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6 Tips on How to Plan a Camping and Kayaking Trip
The great outdoors beckons! City life is alright, but there's nothing better than reconnecting with your roots. A camping-and-kayaking combo trip is a great way to reap all the benefits Mother Nature has to offer. Here are six simple tips anyone can follow when planning a camping trip that's sure to get your feet wet. #CampAndKayak #Reconnect #MotherNature #CampingKayakingTips