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the words are written in german and have pictures of ladybugs, wine bottle, champagne
dreamies.de (6gi9ucqqaa0.gif)
two glasses of champagne with streamers and confetti
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PREORDER YOURS TODAY! Mosh Pitt Drinking Game ® Was Created For HBMF As A Way To Bring A Festival Of Games And A Symphony Of Spirits Directly To YOU, Made For Us, By Us. This Game Is A Festival Of Mini Drinking Games You Know And Some You Don’t. Players Begin With Empty Cups And Take Turns Drawing Cards With Ultimatums, Challenges, And VIP Cards That Always Result In Someone Pouring More Or Takin' It To The Face. Be The Player With The Most VIP Cards To Win
Campana di vetro
happy new year 2012 with two champagne glasses and fireworks in the background on a wooden table
Boldog új évet 2021 !
two champagne flutes are being filled with sparkling bubbles and the words bollog u'evet 2012
Boldog új évet 2021!