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How to Fall on Your Face—with a Smile

Top 14 Valentine Picture Ideas For The Elders – Creative Photography & Design Tip - Homemade Ideas

A Love so Great! Barbie, Bieber and Beyond Are you lucky enough to have found a love like this?? Source: Via Have a look at Daily Dose of Cute

Faith In Humanity Restored – 33 Pics - all too familiar with my grandparents. My grandpa does the same thing even though she (my grandma) does not recognize him anymore.

I was told they should be virgin..for the taste, is it still a urban legend or not

This is a pic of woman who works at the Perdomo cigar plant.was not a roller but one beautiful woman !

A woman in Italy has had her Facebook account suspended after she posted a pro-LGBT rights picture of two women kissing.

Facebook suspends Italian woman’s account after she posts image of two women kissing in support of LGBT rights

For many young gay, lesbian & bisexual people growing up it’s a mecca. A safe haven of acceptance where same-sex couples hold hands in public and everyone is just more at ease with ‘the gay thing’.


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For my best friend!

This makes me laugh and say.REAL true love never loses it's "fun" in the "romance"! God bless them! Hope hubby and I still have that adorability to our love at that age!

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fal tetoválás idézetek - Google keresés