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an animal sculpture on display in a museum
Exhibitione " Vikings and Christians" Skagen 2013
a painting on display in a store with other items behind it and an image of a boat
John Maltby | Lighthouse keeper A ship automaton | MutualArt
Artwork by John Maltby, Lighthouse keeper A ship automaton
a piece of art is hanging on the wall next to a shelf with an object in it
momoEcose - Etsy
a candle is lit in front of an image of the virgin mary
a wooden frame with a doll hanging from it
a sculpture of a man and his dog on display in a room with barbed wire
a mannequin is standing on top of a piece of paper and cutting it
a painting with people in boats and seagulls on the water next to each other
Une Bretagne de papier : papiers sculptés de Bernard Jeunet
a statue of a man with many arms and legs in front of a box that has mice coming out of it
exposition Bernard Jeunet à la médiathèque de Quimperlé