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a painting with words on it that says unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot nothing is gone
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The Lorax // Earth Day
a black and white quote with the words,'the one thing that you have that nobody
Hp Lyrikz - Inspiring Quotes
Very true Fina Ord, The Words, Inspire Me, Inspirational Words, Cool Words, Words Quotes
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Very true
the words are written in gold ink
she inspires
a piece of paper with the words work hard and eat lots on it next to a pen
Sketchbook Sneak Peek: Tad Carpenter
Tad Carpenter. #lettering #typography
the words get dirty in paris written with black and white ink on a white background
design & illustration
Lace typography for Nike's French Open t-shirts. Teagan White Illustrator Art direction by Julia Dickey.
the words false evidence and appearing real are shown in black letters on a white background
the mind creates what it wants to believe! you think it's safe but you don't realize it's destroying you
an abstract black and white photo of the letter s
This hair typography is a very unique art work that captured my attention. The use of hair as the media creates interest. It is darker from the inside of the curve but gradually becomes lighter to the outside. It definitely has that thriller, scary theme to it. It would look great in a room of black and white colour scheme.
a colorful kite with the words make it pop in front of an overcast sky
27 Things You Should Never Say To A Designer
27 Things You Should Never Say To A Designer
an art piece with the words lost in the deep blue sea
Recent Creative Inspiration on Designspiration
Lost in the deep blue sea Typography Exhibition on Typography Served
a black book with white lettering that says, and then i really read the adventures are the best way to learn
Experiential Learning · MoveMe Quotes
I traveled the world with my 7th graders using the History Alive Social Studies program. It is a fun way to learn, and a rewarding way to teach!