Nóra Balázs

Nóra Balázs

Idővel minden rendben lesz. Valószínűleg. Valamikor. http://yellow-shoestring.tumblr.com/
Nóra Balázs
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Getting into a new relationship is tough when you're afraid of love. Here's how each zodiac sign pulls away from embracing love.


The article, which caused outrage in Brazil, gave tips on how to “conquer” boys, and said girls shouldn’t wear “irritating” red lipstick, shouldn’t wear blusher as it makes a girl look like a “clown”.

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Joshifer GIF Love Story By: Jamie Sommers Part Seven They hadn’t talked in months, a text here and there, but that was about it so when he saw Jennifer’s photo pop up on his caller ID, Josh played it.


I got 7 out of 7 on How Well Do You Actually Know "Harry Potter" Characters? You sure know your Harry Potter characters! You deserve a round of applause!