Itt se voltam - Places where I wasn't

Összegyűjtjük azokat a nem mindennapi úti célokat, amiről nem is gondolnád, hogy léteznek! We collect those amazing places, that you won't beleive that exists...
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A földalatti Grand Canyon - Škocjan-barlangrendszer | Underground Grand Canyon - Skocjan caves

A földalatti Grand Canyon

Iguazu Falls, Argentina, Brasil

Did you know.Iguazú Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the border of Argentina and Brazil, is home to more than 275 separate cascades? The name—also spelled Iguaçu (Portuguese) and Iguassu (English)—means "Big Water" in the local native language.

The best video about Iceland!!! <3

How Icelandic Legends Reflect the Prohibition on Dancing

The lost world - Roraima, Afrika

Mount Roraima, two billion years in making, is surrounded by tall cliffs on ALL sides! This mountain’s location – in South America – forms a triple border with Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. It forms the highest peak of Guyana’s Highland Range.

Mount Osore, Japan, Asia

Mount Osore, Japan, Asia

Bandiagara, Mali, Afrika

Bandiagara, Mali, Afrika

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