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a colorful quilt with the words small quilts on it
Small Quilts
Small quilted wall art. Make a statement in your home with our small modern quilts, available now! These quilt studies are wrapped on canvas frames, creating a striking display. Click through to browse.
a white rocking chair with a patchwork quilt on it
a woman's hand holding onto a patchwork piece of colorful fabric with flowers on it
Baby Quilt PDF Pattern Easy Small Crib Size Beginner Patchwork Design Made up in Liberty Ditsy Floral Fabrics, Make Your Own Baby Heirloom - Etsy
a quilt hanging from a clothes line on the wall
Faça Com Graça!
Depósito Santa Mariah: Faça Com Graça!
a close up of a quilt hanging on a door
a piece of cloth that has been made to look like an abstract pattern on it
Shop — Matt Katsaros
three different colored squares are hanging on a wall next to a wooden rack with clothes
Purl Soho's Wonderful Kits for Knitting, Embroidery, Sewing + More