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a bowl filled with food on top of a bed
two pizzas with greens and cheese on a cutting board next to glasses of wine
a white plate topped with slices of bread covered in sliced figs and cream cheese
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two pieces of bread with figs and blueberries on them sitting on a table
a wooden table topped with plates filled with salad and fruit next to other food items
an image of apple slices with nuts and chocolate on them sitting on a white plate
four small sandwiches with tomatoes and cheese on a white plate
288 calorie lunch, high protein cottage cheese on rice cakes with tomatoes and cracked pepper
two slices of bread topped with avocado and tomatoes
two desserts on a tray in front of a bed
several slices of bread with tomatoes and mozzarella on them sitting on a baking sheet
pizza toast inspired by Hailey Bieber
a person holding up a piece of bread with tomatoes and mozzarella on it
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a wooden cutting board topped with sandwiches covered in fruit and veggies next to a glass of milk