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Eastern Quoll

’ by Donovan Wilson

AT RISK: The Eastern Quoll, found only in Tasmania, has been declared endangered on an international level.

The state government says it won't change the classification of the Eastern Quoll, despite the animal being declared endangered by an international body.

QUOLL....found in the forests of Australia and New Guinea....also called the "native cat"....evolved around 15 million years ago....a length of 14 and 29.5 inches long....a weight of 3 to 15 pounds....only live 2 to 5 years....related to the Tazmanian devil

Australia New Guinea"native cat"evolved around 15 million years ago,length 14 and to 15 pounds,lives 2 years,related to Tazmanian devil

Forget a dog, I want a quoll!

I posted a wild eastern quoll when I first returned from Tasmania. This eastern quoll was a resident at the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, a rehabilitation center