Stone textures/kő textúrák

New, interesting, unconventional surfaces made of stone/új, érdekes, nem szokványos felületek kőből
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two different images of the same material, one with circles on it and one without
an intricately designed pattern on the side of a white wall with holes in it
a close up view of a checkered wallpaper with white and brown lines on it
an image of the side of a wall with decorative designs on it and another photo of a bird
two different types of metal sheets with holes in the middle and one is shiny silver
two different types of wallpaper with flowers and leaves on them, one brown and the other white
a close up view of the textured fabric on a shower curtain that is partially closed
a bathroom with a white toilet sitting next to a wall covered in carved wood panels
an image of a bathroom setting with marble tiles on the wall and in the shower
a close up view of a white and grey tile pattern on a wall with a vase in the background
a stone wall with circles on it
an abstract white wallpaper with circles and lines in the center, on top of it
a piece of white paper with squares on it
a close up view of a window with many squares on the glass and one in the middle