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a framed poster on a brick wall with the words written in different languages and numbers
i picked this one because it teaches you what each wand motion is and you can learn it so you know how to the spell correctly.
an image of the back side of a wooden table with many different designs on it
DIY Tutorial DIY Witch Costumes / DIY Make Your Own Cheaper, Better Halloween...Witch Costume - Bead&Cord
A really awesome WAND MAKING tutorial. All witches and wizards need one!
the deathly symbol is drawn in black ink on white paper with a pen next to it
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the hogwart's student id card for harry potter is shown in this image
an old harry potter school certificate
Disney.com | The official home for all things Disney
10 Best Harry Potter Party Ideas
an old paper money bill with the word's motto on it, in gold and white
Drop The Tee Shop
a hogwarts student id card is shown
Gryffindor ID by animejunkie106 on DeviantArt
Gryffindor ID -- would it be going too far if I printed this, filled it out, laminated it and carried it around? No right?