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an apple watch and other electronic devices are shown in three different angles, with the same time displayed
an assortment of electronics and accessories laid out on top of a wooden table next to each other
an advertisement for a computer that has been designed to look like a futuristic device with orange lights
a cell phone sitting on top of a newspaper next to a pen and ink roller
Punkt MP01 Mobile Phone in Black » Petagadget
Punkt MP01 Mobile Phone in Black #minimalistic, #retro, #telephone
an electronic watch with the time displayed on it's face and two different colored hands
Vol.8 Cuteness and progress. The design of Seiko h-timetron. | by Seiko watch design
The product development began in 1998. The project kicked off with the aim to develop a new brand targeting young people. At that time, the world was full of watches targeted at young people, including Seiko’s own watches...
various cameras and accessories laid out on a table
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an apple keyboard, mouse, and other electronics on a gray surface with the macbook pro
Apple iPad Pro (11-inch, Wi-Fi, 1TB) - Space Gray (1st Generation)
an orange cell phone sitting next to a red one on top of a red surface
Nokia 130
Creating a new, yet familiar product language for one of the world’s most loved brands.Known around the world for its history of innovation, Nokia has entered a new chapter of products, and with more than 1.3 billion users globally, feature phones ensur…
an image of different types of electronic devices and their packaging design elements are shown in this graphic style
花瓣网-o Shlyakhov在
Finch Dash PRO由Sergi...