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Close up photograph of German Fallschirmjäger KIA in the back of a truck near Chambois, France, June 12, 1944. They were probably members of the Paratrooper (Fallschirmjager) Regiment 6. The corpse on the right carries collar insignia of a Captain (Hauptmann). The last of the paratroopers fought a desperate battle in France in the wake of the Allied landings -- just like they did in Italy.

Close up photograph of dead German paratroopers (Fallschirmjäger) in the back of a truck, Chambois, France. They are probably members of the Fallschirmjäger Regiment The one on the right has the collar insignia of a Hauptmann.

Eric Clapton --- stole her away from George! He took his wife while playing music on some solo ... white album or whatever... He wrote "Layla" for her. ** THEN John wrote Eric Clapton a letter suggesting that THEY start a band ( you know, like minus McCartney). I don't think he ever sent it though. I'd like to punch him!

Eric Clapton --friend of the Beatles, and wife stealer. Pattie BOyd inspired "Something", and then the overplayed "LAYLA" by Eric Clapton going as Deric & the DOminoes