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visualizingmath: “ nakedgeometry: “ 9 years in the making, all our best geometry in one place. ❤, NakGeo ” It’s been a pleasure seeing so much of your cool work throughout the past couple of years, Thanks for sharing your love of.

Modernization of the Botanical Garden – VikingDome

Icosahedron geometry domes in Kaliningrad. Stainless steel frame – T-STAR system construction. Dome is covered and one of them – Cosmo panel

Dome house | I have no idea what language this site's written in, it's a cool design though.

love the fireplace in the center, curved stairwell, and looks like an open landing over the kitchen (?

Pinner said: Floating stones - Cornelia Konrads. My mind is already spinning with ideas for my garden . I need stones ,mortar, a good drill bit and rebar.

Germaine: “I am here to take everything!