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I had that in my arm for almost one and a half month because of what I did to my self. When I came back to school, I didnt hug anyone for weeks. They kept on asking what happened or why aren't you hugging me. I said "I have my reasons" but they still asked. I told my two closest friends I had about it. I did this in middle school, still have the scare from it. Sometimes I regret doing it but other times I don't, wish I didn't get found.~True story

One week into IVs another to go! In hosp to have kidney stones out tomorrow & just had picc line dressing changed looks robotic - by missbiancanicholas

✴️ @dknyliza ✴️ @pillanatgram Instagram profile - Pikore

✴️ @dknyliza ✴️ @pillanatgram Instagram profile - Pikore

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Rainbow Dash

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