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Tattoo design for my friend! Is now imprinted on his shoulder :> inspired by Gris grimly's raven ^^ but with my own skull Raven Tattoo

Crow silhouette

This untraveled road by tfk. Alice, dayton, seth, nate and a few others including valient are linked togeather so they can communicate without speaking.

Tribal tattoo wings Stock Photos, Tribal tattoo wings , black eagle

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Ravens are the only animal that like to "be silly" and will roll around in the snow or roll down snow hills  (something I learned from Animal Planet's "Wild Russia: Siberia" ) soooo cute!!- Onyx Draven

7 Incredible Animal Hobbies Ravens, which are members of the genus Corvus are total snow bunnies, er, birds. Whenever there's fresh powder on the ground you can bet a raven isn't far. Playing in the snow is this bird's favorite past time!