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a person holding a pen and writing numbers on a clipboard with more less than one
Maths math - classroom HQ
Maths – Tagged "math" – you clever monkey
a bulletin board with numbers and words on it
68 Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for Teaching Kindergarten
a hand holding up some cards with words that read calm down choices
How to Create a Calm Down Corner in 5 Easy Steps — Creatively Teaching First
a young child is writing on the wall with his handprints and pointing to push button
30 Must-Try Sensory Room Ideas for Schools
Coaching, Mindfulness, Classroom Behavior Management
15 Smart Ideas to Help Kids Calm Down and Manage Anger and Anxiety
Calm Down Kit and Resources
a bulletin board with an insect saying i'm upset when something is bugging me, i can say
Monday Made It
Wild & Fun in Pre-K: Monday Made It love her chart.
a bulletin board with words and pictures on it that say class rules, we use walking feet, we use listening ears, we use
Lake Orion KinderCare | Daycare, Preschool & Early Education in Lake Orion, MI | KinderCare
a bulletin board with lots of items on it and the words i spy written in blue
a bulletin board that says what's my choice? with pictures and magnets on it
Make free choice a little more structured with a whole class choice board! Each kid picks a clip and wears it while they play in their center. They change clips if they want to change centers. This system helps control behaviors By limiting the amount of kids in each area and providing structure to a less structured activity!
Desperte o amor pela matemática com essa sugestão de atividade! 🧮🔢
Os números ganham vida através de brincadeiras divertidas que estimulam o raciocínio lógico e a resolução de problemas. Venha conferir e faça da matemática uma aventura incrível para as crianças! 👉créditos @minikkalpleranaokulumugla 🌟 Gostou do conteúdo? Quer receber mais dicas incríveis e atividades divertidas para crianças? Então não deixe de seguir nossa página! 🌈📚
a cart that has many different colored drawers on it
How to Set up a Writing Corner in your Classroom - Sweet Tooth Teaching
How to Set up a Writing Corner in your Classroom - Sweet Tooth Teaching