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the floor plan for a small cabin with lofts and living areas, including an attached bathroom
27 Adorable Free Tiny House Floor Plans
If you want simplicity and functionality under one roof then go with this 400 sqft cabin. As can be seen, this plan is one large 20 ft x 20 ft square, so converting it into the trailer will not, probably, work. On the other hand, look at this huge porch! This house needs to be far away from highways and city noises for you to enjoy nature sitting in a rocking chair on the deck.
this is an image of a small cabin house
27 Adorable Free Tiny House Floor Plans
Imagine your lazy mornings with a cup of coffee on this porch! This is a truly tiny house plan under 400 sq/ft (384, to be precise). All things considered, it is a perfect starter house for a small family or a single adult. Moreover, you can add a small vertical garden and flower beds and you will be enjoying your life a lot more than most Americans with huge mortgages and credit card debts.
the floor plan for a small house with an attached porch and covered patio, is shown
27 Adorable Free Tiny House Floor Plans
Look how adorable this little gem is! This 400 sq ft cottage is calling your name! The open concept kitchen has plenty of space and light. You can go out to have your breakfast on a deck, use a bar stool, or eat at the dining table in the living room. Simply a small personal space paradise! Trees in full bloom, flowers galore, and birds chirping - what else would you want? Just get these tiny house plans and start building!
a small red cabin with porches and stairs on the front, is shown in this image
27 Adorable Free Tiny House Floor Plans
As an illustration, here is one more plan for those who are seeking a simpler life with less stress and obligations. It is just a bit larger than 400 sq/ft to be really comfortable for one or two people who are tired of the rat race lifestyle. In fact, everything in this house plan and design is logical and proportional. Therefore, if you need more storage room then consider putting up a shed or look for a bigger plan with built-in closets and a loft.
the floor plan and elevation view of a house
27 Adorable Free Tiny House Floor Plans
For enthusiasts of the porch living lifestyle, The Santa Barbara tiny house plan offers the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetical beauty. You simply can't go wrong with this design: a full kitchen, a bedroom, a separate bathroom, and a large outdoor dining patio large enough to host dinner parties for 6-8 people.