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a window with white curtains hanging from it's side and the words, what do you think?
diy projects
6 Ways to Make Your Own Curtain Rods
the window is decorated with white curtains and potted plants
Simple & Inexpensive Farmhouse Window Treatments • Maria Louise Design
Simple Farmhouse Window Treatments • Maria Louise Design
a kitchen sink sitting under a window covered in blue and green curtains
Lose the Drapes: 17 Ways to Dress a Window Without Curtains
Most people choose to decorate their windows with traditional curtains, blinds, or fabric valances. But finding the perfect covering—one that blocks the sun, ensures a degree of privacy, and matches existing decor—can be tricky. As a solution, some homeowners opt for creating their own alternative window treatments, in the process saving money and injecting personality into their spaces. Check out 12 of our favorite DIY window coverings from around the Web.
some plants are sitting in front of a window with the curtains pulled back to dry
20 Creative Window Treatments
Whether you're moving in to a new house and your windows are begging for attention, or you're just ready to give your existing home a makeover, consider these 20 most unique window treatment ideas. Cr