Krisztina Janecskó

Krisztina Janecskó

-Aki valamit Akar, az nem törődik a hogyan? kérdéssel !!! :) -Minden perc egy új esély arra hogy mindent újra kezdj :D
Krisztina Janecskó
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Denim vacation tote: To make tote, use 4 pairs of old jeans in varying colors of denim. Cut 6 inch wide strips from legs of jeans. (The 8 legs yielded enough strips of denim to make 2 totes). Sew strips together, cut out tote bag pattern, & sew bag toget


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"Dog Hammock"   Idea: buy a blanket that covers my car as above, then attach straps to the fabric accordingly.

Recently I began taking my dog to many places around town. Dog park, visiting friends, and agility training classes left the back of my car a hairy mess! While I wanted to keep my car cleaner, I al…