Janesz Polyák

Janesz Polyák

Janesz Polyák
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Magic Faucet Fountain

Magic Faucet Fountain That is SO cool!

Morituri by lonefirewarrior

The standing victorious over a battlefield. Inspired by the song "Morituri" from the Crysis 2 soundtrack: Made with Garr.

•Commander Thire by Labj

Clone Trooper Lieutenant Thire Was a clone trooper lieutenant commander, in charge of the elite shock troopers of the Coruscant Guard for the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars.

Hearthstone x A Song of Ice and Fire -- if only the GoT characters had cards in Hearthstone!

Hearthstone x Game of Thrones -- if only the GoT characters had cards in Hearthstone! It has some good ideas for real cards in Hearthstone!

Samurai Star Wars - 9GAG

Funny pictures about Samurai Star Wars. Oh, and cool pics about Samurai Star Wars. Also, Samurai Star Wars photos.

Legacy Class Star Destroyer. This probably isn't canon, but I like the way it visually bridges the gap between the Venator and Imperator classes.

Legacy Star Destroyer Class: Capital Starship Corporation: Rothana Heavy Engineering Hyperdrive: Sublight: 68 MGLT Weapon(s): turbolaser battery turbolaser battery