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a coffee shop with lots of counter space and wood paneling on the front wall
[空間攝影]Django決哥手烘咖啡吧|FDS設計 | 三川二目空間攝影
an open kitchen area with wooden cabinets and black counter tops, along with hanging lights
an empty restaurant with wooden tables and chairs in front of wood paneled walls, along with patterned flooring
a room with a chair, desk and sliding glass doors that lead to the bedroom
a long wooden table with white chairs and lamps on the wall in front of it
there are three chairs in the room with big windows
Werken in een modernistisch Constantin Brodzki-gebouw? Het kan
a long wooden table with chairs in front of it
Modernist building in Brussels becomes Fosbury & Sons co-working space
an empty conference room with long tables and chairs in the foreground, two large wooden partitions on either side