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two birds sitting on top of a nest filled with flowers
a christmas card with three children on top of each other, one holding a star
a lit candle surrounded by holly and mist on a blue background with white snowflakes
It’s The Little Things That Make Christmas Special, So I Paint Them On Small Pieces Of Wood
a christmas card with a lit candle and holly wreath on it's red background
a lit candle and some fruit are on a card with pine branches in the foreground
Collectible Vintage Christmas Cards for sale | eBay
Vintage Christmas Card Candle Ornaments Gold Trim Slim Jims Hallmark Mid Century | eBay
two red birds perched on top of a pine tree branch in the snow with evergreen needles
Vintage Christmas card.
a christmas card with a church in the background and snow on the ground below it
a painting of a cardinal sitting on top of holly
a black and white drawing of a cat resting its head on the ground with his eyes closed
Unleash Your Creativity: Express Yourself with Bold and Colorful Hairstyles