Jankovics Petra

Jankovics Petra

Jankovics Petra
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Figure 3: Mesh of a component with circumradius r of the central triangle and angles θ i between the legs in the flat state and in a bent state (with fold angle δ = 105°).

Curved-line folding is the act of folding a flat sheet of material along a curved crease pattern in order to create a three-dimensional shape. It is a creative and innovative way to produce.

Living Wall Art - make that ivy WORK for you! #herb_garden_wall

There are so many ways to make great Wall Gardens Outdoor for your outdoor space home. It’s because It is never late to make a unique and charming garden in your yard that will be a perfect p…

Sea Fan Coral - intricate patterns in nature; organic texture inspiration

Sea Fan Coral - intricate patterns in nature; this is reminiscent of a flys wings, or a fine tree.

'Late Autumn' colour palette inspiration - blush, sage, moss, fog, mulberry

A daily dose of fashion discoveries and inspirations, contributed by a stylist and a designer who both see the world through rose-colored shades.