Love this water feature ... reminds me of Italy. Could replicate in the backyard for something interesting.

Maximizing a Small Patio

Rear wall Water Feature Like the table, the fountain was also originally a horse trough. Around it, planting insets bring a bit of garden into the space and a splash of color. These plants also provide an outline to the patio.

Old well pump water feature

another small garden water feature form Lamplighter Farm luxury family self-catering in Seend, Wiltshire, family-friendly luxury self-catering in Wiltshire near Bath

Lismore Castle Water Feature by Wayne.Brown

Visited Lismore Castle today, this is the Water Feature on the main road with the water coming out of the wall.

Small square stone trough water feature

Harpur Garden Images Ltd :: Small square stone trough water feature surrounded by rocks and pebbles. Cobblestone wooden fencing boundary focal point green foliage planting Design: Ursel Gut for The Schneider Garden.

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