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an assortment of plants and rocks in a garden with water flowing from the top to the bottom
38 Breathtaking Corner Garden Ideas You NEED to See in 2024
Unleash your inner garden guru with these inspiring corner garden design ideas - perfect for any skill level!
a planter with water coming out of it sitting in the middle of some plants
If you do not wish to dig into the ground to enjoy a water garden. AW Pottery has the best combination of water bowl that is just perfect for the purpose.
how to build a patio pond installation in a raised planter with lights and water features
How to Create a Patio Water Garden the Easy Way
I have always wanted some kind of water garden in my backyard, maybe with a pretty little fountain and some fish and lilies. I have actually tried to do this, but never with any success. In fact, the last time I tried all I did was make a total mess of my yard. But what I never thought of was putting toward the garden in a bowl on my patio.
an outdoor patio with potted plants and seating on the floor, surrounded by brick walls
20 Small But Mighty Outdoor Oases to Inspire Your Patio Design
Small patio gardens ideas for tiny outdoor spaces! Transform your compact courtyard into a serene oasis with these 20 perfect designs, featuring miniature trees, vertical planters, and clever layouts. Get inspired and start planning your mini paradise now!
many potted plants are lined up in the garden
42 Corner Garden Ideas: Designs To Refresh Your Outdoors
42 Corner Garden Ideas: Designs To Refresh Your Outdoors
an indoor courtyard with potted plants and seating on tiled flooring, surrounded by palm trees
Embracing The Earthiness of Terracotta Tiled Floors
For a modern take on a classic tile, Shaw Tec produces gorgeous quarry tiles that provide an extremely cost-effective floor of quality and charm. All tiles are manufactured with a high-quality finish, with no sharp edges or corners. Bullnose tiles are available for copings, stairs and pool surrounds.