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splattercannon, fallout 4, nuka world weapons

The sprawling wasteland of 'Fallout can be a tough place without a solid weapon (or three) at your side.

team fortress 2 memes - Google Search

Everyone had that "oh shit" moment when the medic is healing you, EVERYONE on the opposite team can see you got an achievement, everyone realizes you are the spy.

I got: You are a mature & knowledgeable 55 year old! ! What Age Is Your General Knowledge?

I got: You are a mature & knowledgeable 55 year old! I´m a teenager! Can We Guess Your Age By Your General Knowledge?

I got: Ultra-Laser Vision! ! Can You Actually See As Well As You Think You Can?

My score: Ultra-Laser Vision. Are you real? This score is really hard to get, and you totally made it! We are so impressed! Your eyes are great with shades of color, matching prints, and completing missing pieces.

This selfie.

If you're a Star Wars fan looking for a laugh, then you've probably looked in Alderaan places. We've got 10 jokes guaranteed to make any Star Wars fan cry with laughter.