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an image of the word brony in blue and black on a white background with text that reads brony
Mouadh Tizaoui - Diggy | D-263 // Brdy Visual design experiment • • • • #posterunion #dopeddesign #itsnicethat #graphicdesign #theddod #photoshopartist #bauhaus… | Instagram
an advertisement with the words carbon signal in white letters on green leafy leaves background
Carbon Signal - Brand Positioning & Logo Design | VVITCH Digital Agency
Brand Logo Design for New York Green Building Software Engineers, Carbon Signal
a black and white photo of a logo
2. Logo Associated
Seen through several of the Afend pieces is their geometric flame shape logo, this represents “the spark in people for inspiration to travel and live life to the fullest” (3). By associating this imagery with the brand, it creates visual cues, making it recognisable without reading the actual name. Building a sense of familiarity and recognition between the consumer and the brand.
a black and white logo with the letter z in it's center, on a dark background
the letter m is made up of two black letters, one with an o on it
Logo M
The King in the Norte
the g logo is shown in green on a yellow background with an orange and black star
Goldray Logo Design (Unused for Sale)
a white frog sitting on top of a black background
Frog logo
a large billboard on top of a pole with the words ambifying atlanta above it
WABE | Matchstic
WABE | Matchstic
a woman with long blonde hair is next to a cell phone that has the company logo on it
We think strategy, craft design, develop digital and create motion. To forward your brand and business.
two different logos, one with the letter g and the other with an image of a flower
Claud - Brand Identity for Crypto Startup