Borisz Jelnovics

Borisz Jelnovics

Borisz Jelnovics
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FOR OUR GODS... FOR OUR ANCESTORS ! Those who cut off their roots, will wither and die! Judeo-christianity are NOT the roots of our civilisation... They belong in the desert, where people are scared of nature, rather than beeing part of it!

Not protected but favored, so long as I behave with bravery, honesty, & live interestingly.

Sword Art Online, Shinon, by furumiya haiji #CatKeyholeBra

animal ears aqua eyes blue hair blush bow (weapon) breasts cat cutout cat ear panties cat ears cat lingerie cleavage cutout furumiya haiji hair ornament hairclip highres looking at viewer panties shinon (sao) short hair side-tie panties solo sword ar

All power to the Soviets!

Soviet border guards patrolling the mountains with their horses.


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