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how to cook a turkey breast in the slow cooker
How to cook a Turkey Breast in the Slow Cooker
With the holidays approaching here is a great alternative to making your turkey in the oven you can cook it in your crockpot! Here is some simple tips and directions on How to cook a Turkey Breast in the Slow Cooker.
there is a cake in the pan with white icing on it and some other items
Pumpkin-Toffee Dump Cake
Just when you thought you had reached the peak of your pumpkin obsession, we’d like to introduce you to this toffee-topped pumpkin dump cake. And just in case pumpkin and toffee weren’t enough to take it over the top, the cream cheese frosting drizzled on top should do the trick.
a pan filled with white frosted cookies on top of a wooden table next to a knife
pumpkin cheesecake bites
If you're hosting a large Friendsgiving party, these pumpkin cheesecake bits would give you many servings with very little work.