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an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts that can be seen in this image
7 Secrets of Advanced English Writing (Infographic)
#english #writing
the front page of a magazine with an image of people in windows and numbers on it
colorful paper clips with words on them that say or and but not for us to use
Conjunction . . . junction
Conjunctions ~ students combine sentences with conjunctions using the paper clips as fasteners.
a poster with words on it that say sneaky and trap tape, knapke, cape, rapp, rope, rob - rare, rod, time,
Sneaky E Anchor Chart Esl Teaching Phonics Kindergarten 254805291404684768
a poster with words and pictures for the word families bundle
Easter Coloring Pages
You Can Read Word Families
the words decoding drills are shown on top of each other, and in front of them
phonics decoding
phonics decoding word drills for reading fluency
the best mindful books for kids
15 Must-Have Mindfulness Books for Kids •
Wondering how to teach your kids about Mindfulness? You'll love these mindfulness books for kids to teach them strategies and skills for calming down, regulating their emotions, focusing, sleeping better, and developing kindness and compassion. Happy (and blissful) reading!
children's books with the title, courage and bravey books for kids
15 Books That Inspire Bravery
A diverse list of children's books about courage and bravery that will inspire kids to face fear and achieve great things. #booklists #charactereducation #kidlit #booksforkids #bravery via @growingbbb
some books that are in front of a wooden background with the words build a positive classroom culture
Building a Classroom Community through Read Alouds
Classroom culture is imperative to successful classroom management. I spend the first few months of school building a classroom culture of respect and it pays off in the end. When students feel respected by their teachers and peers, they choose to make better behavior choices. One strategy that works for building our classroom culture is carefully targeted read aloud books. Here are my favorites for building our classroom community. #classroomcommunity #readalouds #classroommanagement