livingnowisliving: “ valentina saved to ilpolloruspante Pelikan Last Drop Bottle - Wihelm Wagenfeld - Gunther Wagner ”

Škoda Felicia Skoda Auto Made in Czechoslovakia

Hajdú 706 - Super Automatic Washing Machine (Lengyel, Sándor - - 700 USD at Budapest Poster Gallery

The Children of the Workers are on Vacation! Typical Socialist Realist poster for the Ministry of Welfare and the National Council of the Labour Unions by Tibor Gönczi-Gebhardt. The poster represents a typical image about the new happy state. Tibor Gönczi-Gebhardt's works are realistic, epic, and easy to understand, qualities that equally characterise his socialist realist designs. After 1949 he remained a central figure in the propaganda of the centralized power.

Tibor Gonczi Gebhardt, The Children of the Workers are on Vacation!

Online Book Publicity Services - Substance Books saved to Balaton Tourism Collection

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Pajtás Camera, Your Best Pal / Pajtás fényképezőgép, a legjobb pajtás 1964 Artist: Müller Ilona

Müller Ilona - Pajtás Camera, Your Best Pal, 1964

55 x 84 cm)

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holespoles: “ I won! Buy sweets from the Cooperative Stores

By Géza Faragó, 1 9 0 Golya Aruhaz Fashion Show at the department store in Hungary.

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…Use Purity to wash them! Lovely commercial posters from the advertising of the.