Some design inspiration for Wattage. Clean. Simple. Attractive. Approachable. Splash of colour.
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two wooden boxes with red letters on them sitting next to each other in front of a black background
Custom Awards & Event Collateral Archives - Potato Press
a person holding a black remote control in their hand
小米盒子3 - 小米商城
Xiaomi Box Remote
the sony remote control is black in color
Sony's HT-ST7
a man standing in front of a large poster on the wall next to a sink
Less and More
Product as Grid - great reference for our layout engine
a black and white logo with the letter s
United Semiconductor logo
three different views of an electronic device with buttons and knobs on the front, back and side
wandering wandering star
oversized dials
the back and side of a dvd case with an empty disc in it's center
Little Disk Program by Industrial Facility | Dezeen
Sam Hecht LaCie Drive
two batteries are shown side by side, one is gray and the other is orange
Lepow U-Stone 12000mAh Power Bank
three different colors of the same speaker
The Blogging of Gillespie 936
a white electronic device mounted to the side of a wall
MUJI Cooking Scale by Yohei Kuwano