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an outdoor garden with wooden decking and raised planters on each side, surrounded by greenery
Houtsoort van de maand september; Cumaru
#houtsoortvandemaand #hout #wood #timber #Cumaru #tropisch #hardhout #tuin #garden
a dog sitting on a wooden deck next to potted plants and other greenery
Garden Ideas & 7 Pro Tips, Courtesy Of Hollywood's Go-To Guy
pink and white flowers in pots on the ground
Ranunculus Rococo Pink | 1 x 9cm pot
Characterised by elegance, lightness and curved natural forms, Ranunculus Rococo Pink is the embodiment of the famous French style. Large, semi-double, rosebud-like blooms, up to 7cm across, consist of curved, frivolous petals. Each petal has a thin waxy layer which prolongs the vase life when the stems are cut for use in floral arrangements. Becoming a firm favourite with florists, Ranunculus Rococo Pink is perfect for providing spring and summer colour to your borders, containers and your home
yellow flowers are blooming in the garden with green stems and pink ones behind them
Ranunculus Rococo Orange | 1 x 9cm pot
As the name suggests, the blooms of Ranunculus Rococo Orange are flamboyant and frivolous with curvy petals reminiscent of the Rococco style - evocative of love, nature and light-heartedness. A firm favourite with florists, Ranunculus Rococo Orange produces large, semi-double, rosebud-like blooms up to 7cm across from April to June. Known as the Rose of the Spring and a member of the buttercup family, each petal has a thin waxy layer which prolongs life as a cut flower. A favourite with florists
some white flowers are growing in the gravel
Iberis sempervirens - Scheefbloem | De Tuinen van Appeltern
white flowers are blooming in the garden
Iberis sempervirens plants
Iberis sempervirens plants | Thompson & Morgan
two pictures of white flowers growing out of the ground next to rocks and gravel on the ground
Armeria juniperifolia 'Alba'
Hoo House Nursery - Armeria juniperifolia 'Alba'
orange flowers are blooming in the garden
Geum Totally Tangerine - Benoîte orange vif
pink flowers are growing along the side of a grassy field with trees in the background
Tamarix tetrandra / Tamaryšek čtyřmužný, 80-100 cm, C5