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four paper plates with different colored numbers on them and the words fraction flowers written below
Printable Fraction Flowers
a classroom bulletin board that has been decorated with different colors
Setting up your classroom - 8 quick ideas you can pin today.
a sign that has many different hand prints on it and is hanging from clothes pins
38 Ideas for Flexible, Fun Classroom Job Charts
a sign that says word of the week majestic hanging on a wall with pegs
Mrs M on Twitter
a bulletin board with some writing on it and a flower made out of crayons
Back to School Bash! - Mrs. Thompson's Treasures
a classroom door decorated with colorful writing on the front and back doors for class rooms
5th Grade Classroom Reveal 2016-2017 - EB Academics
a bulletin board that has different types of food on it with words and pictures attached to the boards
Primary Classroom Displays for KS2 | Year 3| Year 4 | Year 5 | Year 6