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an ornately decorated dining hall with chandeliers and painted murals on the walls
Galerie foto cu trapezele mănăstirilor athonite
a man sitting at a sink in front of a wall with paintings on the walls
Άγιος Ιωάννης της Κλίμακος: «Όταν θλίβεται η κοιλιά ταπεινώνεται η καρδιά. Και όταν η κοιλιά ικανοποιείται, ο νους υπερηφανεύεται»
The strength of a soldier. Soldier Of God, Soldier Of Christ, Jesus Army, Christian Military, Soldier Quotes, A Soldier
The strength of a soldier.
a woman in a green and yellow top is holding up a paper with a picture on it
The most touching moment...
Such an amazing story. Ethiopian athlete Meseret Defar pulling a picture of the Virgin Mary out from under her jersey after winning gold.