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a woman with jewelry on her face and hands
an image of a woman with makeup and jewelry on her face
SIREN : JIBARO, Grethe Rosseaux
a woman wearing a mask with ornate decorations on it's head and face, in front of a black background
mafia girls X nct0T23 brother 💥 (END) - part 57 ☠️
a woman with flowers on her face and eyeliners in the shape of butterflies
Fuck Yeah Albinos
a woman in a green dress is standing under a ceiling with an intricate painting on it
a woman with white hair and flowers on her head is holding something in her hands
Un Vide Dans Un Catalyseur
Dark Fantasy, Fantasy Characters, Gothic Lolita, Steampunk, Fantasy Costumes, Character Outfits
Some more pictures I found that remind me of Persephone for no specific reason lmao (none of these are me, I found them all on Pinterest so if you know any of them feel free to comment names ^_^)
a woman floating in the water with her hands up
Eva Organza - valentinvanporcelaine Valentin Winter | Luisa...