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the fall color scheme is shown with neutrals and browns
Planning Outfits for Fall Family Photos
what to wear family pictures with the color blue, green and white in this image
Ideas for What to Wear for Family Pictures
Olive green, chambray, cream and navy make a great family photo look. Need help finding what to wear for Family Picture ideas? This link has 8 family photo looks that are perfect for fall or for Christmas family pictures! Each look features items for all ages. These looks would be perfect for a family Christmas Card too!
the color scheme for this fashion book shows different clothes and accessories, including clothing items
Family Picture Outfit Colors - Tan & Blue - Shaunie Sullivan Photography
the tan and cream palette is shown in three different colors, including brown, beige, white
Family Photo Outfits Color Schemes - Tan & Cream Neutrals - Shaunie Sullivan Photography
the family photos color scheme for purple and pink is shown in this page, with different colors
Family Photo Outfits Color Schemes - Purples, Peach, Olive, & Sky - Shaunie Sullivan Photography