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The Austrian-Hungarian imperial state, especially the period 1870-1918.

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rovásírásunk Hungarian runic alphabet the tat on my side is my last name in Hungarian runes, I absolutely LOVE it Alphabet Code, Sign Language Alphabet, Alphabet Symbols, Alphabet Stamps, Rune Symbols, Magic Symbols, Ancient Alphabets, Ancient Symbols, Symbole Viking

Tarsolykészítés kezdetei

Oldalamon a tarsolyok és tarsolylemezek történetével, az eddig fellelt ősi tarsolylemezekkel és az általam készített tarsolyokkal ismerkedhetsz meg.

Hungarian Runes are thought to have descended from the Turkic script used in Central Asia. Some scholars, however, believe the Ruins pre-date Turkic script. Runic Writing, Alphabet Symbols, Austro Hungarian, Budapest Hungary, My Heritage, Helpful Hints, Thing 1, Letters, Learning

The Northern Grove

Just to emphasize that the word RUNE doesn't *always* mean the Norse Runes, the Futharks, please explore the Hungarian Runic writing system....

The Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 (German: Ausgleich . Ap World History, Modern History, Family History, History Facts, European Map, European History, Austrian Empire, Geography Map, Austro Hungarian

The Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867 (German: Ausgleich, Hungarian: Kiegyezés) established the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary. The Compromise re-established the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Hungary, separate from and no longer subject to the Austrian Empire. Under the Compromise, the lands of the House of Habsburg were reorganized as a real union between the Austrian Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary.

Maps of Vast Empires That No Longer Exist The Austro-Hungarian Empire (or Austria-Hungary, Ap World History, European History, Family History, American History, Austria, Poland Germany, Austro Hungarian, Old Maps, Historical Maps

Maps of Vast Empires That No Longer Exist

Every imperial project, no matter how great, eventually meets its downfall. In fact, you may be reading this in a country that was once part of a now-vanished international superpower. Here are maps that reveal the rise and fall of the world's most ambitious empires.

Österreichische Aviatik (Berg) D.I ' Austro-Hungarian fighter, Italian front 1918 Luftwaffe, Airplane Painting, Photo Avion, Aircraft Painting, Vintage Airplanes, World War One, Fighter Aircraft, Aviation Art, Model Airplanes

WINGS PALETTE - Aviatik-Berg D.I/D.II/Dr.I - Austria-Hungary

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The Austro-Hungarian Empire on the eve of World War I History Online, World History, Family History, World War, Austro Hungarian, Alternate History, Family Genealogy, Old Maps, Modern History

Map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1914

Map showing the boundaries and major cities of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in August 1914.

Franz Joseph I of Austria Vienna (Austrian Empire) August 18 1830 Vienna (Austro-Hungarian Empire) November 21 1916 Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary, Croatia and Bohemia. He was the longest-reigning emperor of Austria. Kaiser Franz Josef, Franz Josef I, World War One, First World, Die Habsburger, Joseph, Austrian Empire, Archduke, Holy Roman Empire


Franz Joseph I. After the Austro-Prussian War, Austria-Hungary turned its attention to the Balkans, which was a hotspot of international tension due to conflicting interests with the Russian Empire. The Bosnian crisis was a result of Franz Joseph's annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1908, which had been occupied by his troops since the Congress of Berlin (1878).

Czech postcard which advert to fall of Austria-Hungary empire after It was the creation of Czechoslovakia, led by T. Czech Tattoo, Ww2 Posters, Austro Hungarian, World War One, Wwi, Vintage Posters, Lions, Medieval, Czech Republic

Loin des balles

Two absolutely adorable and patriotric czech postcards which advert to fall of Austria-Hungary empire after WW1. As you may know, it was the creation of Czechoslovakia, led by T.G.Masaryk. The...

Princess Sophie of Hohenberg, the only daughter of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, Lorraine, Sissi, Ferdinand, Austria, Archduke, Kool Kids, Child Smile, Young Prince, World War One

Princess Sophie of Hohenberg - Wikipedia

Princess Sophie von Hohenberg, only daughter of Franz Ferdinand and his (morganatic) wife Sophie Duchess of Hohenberg. Sophie and her brothers were taken in by their father's friend Prince Jaroslave von Thun und Hohenstein. They lost their Czech properties in 1918, and in 1938 were arrested and confined to Dachau for 7 years. Two of Sophie's sons by Count Friedrich vonNostitz-Rieneck died in WWII in Russia, one on the Eastern Front, the other in a POW camp. She died at 89 in 1990.

The death that triggered a World War: Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was visiting Sarajevo in Bosnia on June 1914 when Gavrilo Princip shot him & his wife, Sophie. Franz's death sparked the start of what became known as World War One. Wilhelm Ii, Kaiser Wilhelm, European History, World History, Family History, World War One, First World, Guerra Total, Archduke

On June 28th in 1914, Archduke of Austria and heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated in Sarajevo. He was killed by Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip. Austria-Hungary, in retaliation, declared war on Serbia. This led to the Central Powers (including Germany) joining on Austria’s side, and the Allied powers like Britain and France joining on Serbia’s side.