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the words lampara de papel - youtubetube are in white on a blue background
Lámpara de Papel
Lámpara de Papel - YouTube
an art piece made up of many different pictures
Art created with matchboxes (which Dollar Tree carries - they're in with the kitchen stuff.)
a person wrapping presents on top of a table
Is this speed wrapping technique the ultimate Christmas hack?
This video shows how to wrap presents in half the time using a clever Japanese wrapping paper hack.
an image of the earth in blue and white
Map Projections: Truncated Icosahedra
AVHRR Pathfinder map
a person holding a wooden object in their hand and sewing needles on the table next to it
Плетение из "корня", вариант начала круглого дна
Tejiendo en "raíz", una variante del principio de la foto de fondo redondo de 6
two pieces of pink paper cut into squares on top of a piece of white paper
How to make an interlocked band closure for books (and other things)
how to make a perfect book page bow
How to Make a Perfect Book Page Bow
How to make a perfect book page bow -
the instructions for how to make an origami paper airplane that looks like a plane
Faltanleitung für eine Papierschale - leider ohne Herkunftsnachweis, daher von Pinner gepinnt.
a cardboard cut out of a person with a red box on the floor next to it
Ontdek de kracht van je stem
DIY: paper art