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Júlia Belicza
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Mammoth Ivory Ice-Age Flute [43,400 years ago]

Excavations in the summer of 2008 at the sites of Hohle Fels and Vogelherd produced new evidence for Paleolithic music in the form of the remains of one nearly complete bone flute and isolated small fragments of three ivory flutes.

Mouth organ (sho) 1715 Fujiwara Masaoki (Japanese, active early 18th century) Object Place: Yawata, Japan

This Japanese sho, or mouth organ, is based on a very similar Chinese instrument called the sheng which has been in use for about three thousand years.

Anonymous Italian Archlute (1637)

‘Theorbo’ Venice - Matteo Stellas 1637 Scrolled marquetry ebony and ivory veneering, engraved ivory plaques, ebony stringing, planed pine. This instrument would most likely have been called a liuto.

Masinko - Ethiopian musical instrument

Violin equivalent (the poetic instrument) or Masinko - Ethiopia musical instrument. Better used in and villages social events. Dance competitions is eminent when playing