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Márta Juhász

Márta Juhász
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Baby Moses in an Envelope Basket Craft (Closeup) from www.daniellesplace.com

What you will need: 4 x 5 Invitation Envelopes Chenille Stems (Pipe Cleaners) Markers, Crayons, or Colored Pencils Green, Brown, and Blue Paper (Optional) Scissors (Wavy blade if you have them.) Glue Stick Felt or Material Tissue

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WEBSTA @ lovesaffect - A lineup of all your October favorites thus far! Thank you all for the continued support and your extremely kind words this season! 💌🙌🏻💫🙆🏻 You make designing the Winter collection that much more exciting!

Rocks, there are all around and you can transform them to something special for your decoration, to a gift, to a game or to memories. You can choose...

Rock Crafts - Martha Stewart Crafts - A creative way for kids to use the stones they stumble across is to turn them into animals, people, or objects. With just a few supplies -- paint, glue, and clay -- children can try out their skills as rock artists.