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an image of a cat in the grass looking at another cat sitting on the ground
Al and company enjoying the first day we opened the catio for them! 💚
three painted chests stacked on top of each other
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an old fashioned wooden box with the door open
a cat that is laying down on some grass in a planter with potted plants
Mini-lawn as a favourite sleeping spot
an old dresser painted green with flowers and birds on the top, sitting in front of some potted plants
Kuschelhöhle "Springtime"
a cat is peeking out from behind a white frame on the door way to look at it
Cat Behavior
a room that has some boxes on the wall and cat beds in it, along with other items
🐈 room cat
Cat room
two cats in a cage on the outside of a house
a large wooden sculpture sitting on top of a hard wood floor
a cat sitting on top of a wooden tree house
Zufriedene Schnurrer - Naturholzbäume für Katzen | Katzenbaum diy, Diy kratzbaum, Katzenbaum