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Oil on birch paintings, by Katte Geneta... Looking at these makes me miss oil painting!!! It's been too long I probably can't paint anymore!
Kenneth Blom · Untitled · 2009 · 120 x 130 cm
Christine Lafuente, Oldwick Farm View

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Modern on Rustic.
Mimar Interiors
Assemblage shop

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an abstract painting hangs on the wall above a bench in a living room with two tables
Large Black Abstract Painting Minimalist Abstract Painting Black Textured Abstract Art Brown Abstract Canvas Painting Modern Painting
© GrizzGallery and Anthony The artist reserves all copyrights and reproduction rights. The artwork is not to be copied in any way. ▲Because all our paintings are handmade and often customized, your paintings may have subtle changes. Your painting may not be exactly the same as the picture you ordered. It will be almost the same, but not exactly the same. What we can promise is the quality of the work we deliver. Each painting will be your special gift. ▲Before shipping, we will show you your pai
an abstract painting with black and red paint on it's face, sitting in front of a white wall
Harry Paul Ally — Mason Fine Art and Events
an abstract painting of a naked man in black and white
workman's tumblr
Harry Ally
an abstract painting with black and white colors
Harry Paul Ally — Mason Fine Art and Events
Harry Paul Ally — Mason Fine Art and Events
an old chair sits in front of a large painting on the wall, with no one around it
Belgian Design – Hot, Hot, Hot!
In the master bath, a fancy, highly carved wood chair, sits next to an unexpected contemporary canvas. Belgian design is all about the mood, the quiet colors, the sparseness of the interiors against the vastness of the architecture, and the textures – the rough, rustic touches mixed with smooth, shiny crystals and glass.
a table with vases and books on it in front of a large abstract painting
More Than Ideas ~so many fragile things~